Tana Lukeba Canda is a Professor ,Jean Piaget University ,Angola

Tana Lukeba Canda




Jean Piaget University


1. Synthetic, unsaturated fungicidal y-lactones attached to Furanoside systems. Configurational determination by nuclear overhauser Effect. A. P. Rauter; M. J. Ferreira; A. Virgili; M. Figueredo; J. A. Figueiredo; M. I. Ismael; T. L. Canda

2. Efficient syntesis of ,  - unsaturated - y - lactones linked to sugars. Amelia P. Rauter, Jose Figueiredo, Maria Ismael, Tana Canda, Josep Font and Marta Figueredo, Tetrahedron Assymetry

3. Synthetic approach to tetrahydrofuran units and five membered ring lactones fused to hexapyranosides. Amelia P. Rauter, Olga Oliveira, Tana Canda, Estelle Leroi, Humberto Ferreira, Maria J. Ferreira and Jose A. Ascenso, J. Carbohydr. 

4. Synthesis of Phenylselene Sugar, from epoxides and uns -unsaturated carbonyl derivatives for the study of their insecticidal activity. Amelia P. Rauter, Tana Canda, Jorge Justino, Maria Ismael and Jose A. Figueiredo, J. Carbohydr. 

5. Sugar derivatives containing oxiranes and uns, uns -unsaturated and -lactones as potential environmentally friendly insecticides Jorge Justino, A.Pauter, Tana Canda, R. Wilkins and Elisabeth Matthews

6 .J. Justin; A.P.Rauter, T. L. Canda, R. Wilkins, Use of pesticides as derivatives of sugars containing oxiranes or α, β-unsaturated γ-lactones. 

7. J. Justino; A.P.Rauter, T. L. Canda, R. Wilkins, Sugar derivatives containing oxiranes or α, β-unsaturated β-lactones, process for their preparation and their application as pesticides. 

8. J. Justino; A.P.Rauter, T. L. Canda, R. Wilkins, New pesticidal alpha, beta-unsaturated hexono-1,5-lactone useful for controlling pest e.g. fruit fly, house fly, white fly. 

9. J. Justino; A.P.Rauter, T. L. Canda, R. Wilkins, Controlling pest e.g. fruit fly, housefly and Whitefly, comprising applying furan derivatives to pest or their locus. 

10. Justino, Jorge A.G; Rauter, Amelia P; Wilkins, Richard; Canda, Tana. Sugar derivatives including oxiranes or alpha, beta-unsaturated gamma lactones, process for their preparation and their utilization as pesticides.

11. Justino, Jorge A.G; Rauter, Amelia P; Wilkins, Richard; Canda, Tana. Use as pesticides of sugar derivatives containing oxiranes or α, β-unsaturated γ-lactones.


Candidate for PhD tests in 1994 at the University of Lisbon/Faculty of Sciences, after two years of research in the Carbohydrates group of Portugal, in the research line of synthesis of bioactive compounds by monosaccharide modification where he joined in October 1991. Sustained dissertation thesis: Synthesis of sugars containing Butenolides in their structure.

He received his doctorate in January 10, 2002, with the title of great distension with praise.

He entered the Faculty of Sciences of the University Augustine Neto, in the 1977/78 academic year. He graduated in Chemistry, Scientific branch / Organic Synthesis area, on 21 May 1984, with a final average of 14 (fourteen) values.

In the 1975/76 academic year, he enrolled at the National University of Zaire (UNAZA) (DRC), attended the first year of chemistry graduation before returning to Angola in September 1976.

In 1971 he enrolled at the Middle Institute of Sona Bata (Lower Congo, DRC) in the field of Biochemistry and concluded in 1975 obtaining the state diploma with the final grade of 69% (0-100 scale).

In 1969 he started secondary school at Sona Bata's EBCO College (Eglise Baptiste du Congo Oueste), having completed in 1971 with a final grade of 78% (0-100 scale).

Attended primary education at the EBBF (Eglise Baptiste du Bas Fleuve) Protestant Mission in Kuilo Ngongo (former Moerbeck) Lower Congo (Rep. Of Congo) from 1963 and completed in 1969 with a final grade of 92% (scale 0-100 values).


 a. Mention of recognition for dedication to Higher Education and significance of Angolans at National level given by Agostinho Neto University 2009.

 b. Best University Teacher Award in Luanda for the Year 2017, by the Venus Academic Gala.

 c. Merit Diploma for Teaching Performance, by the JeanPiaget University 2017.

 d. Honorable message for the dedication in Year 2018 by the Jean Piaget University School of Health Sciences.

 e. Merit Diploma for Contribution to Course Development at the Faculty of Engineering mpela Jean Piaget University of Angola, 2018.