Sadek Khalifa Mohammed Shakshooki is a Professor,University of Tripoli,Libya

Sadek Khalifa Mohammed Shakshooki


Organizing Committee


University of Tripoli


Many articles (about 150 ) in  international  and local journals , international and local conferences;  in area of  complex compounds of transition metals, Novel  Nanomaterials, ,  proton conductance, metal complexes , desalination, inorganic ion-exchangers of tetravalent metal phosphates(TVMP) , Tetravalent metal tellurates(TVMTe). Pellicular membranes, intercalation, inclusion of some heterocyclic compounds into layered and glassy materials , inorganic membrane-membrane composites, pillared materials. Novel methods for synthesis and self doping  of Conducting polymers and their copolymers. Established three novel methods for crystallization of glassy and amorphous tetravalent metal phosphates(TVMP) and tetravalent metal tellurates(TVMTe) to their layered materials, Established  novel methods for synthesis of nanosized materials their pellicular membranes and fibrous membranes of tetravalent metal phosphates. Synthesis  novel  membranes TVMP/ Conductive polymers, nanocomposite membranes, and   TVMTe/ Conductive  polymers nanocomposite  membranes.



Inorganic–organic polymers nanocomposite membranes, Preparation of new nanomaterials,  Inorganic membrane-membrane composites of tetravalent metal phosphates, Pillared compounds, Metal complexes. Ionic conductance , Intercalation, Preparation of novel inorganic ion-exchangers of tetravalent metal phosphates (TVMP), Studies on Vanadyl phosphates. Novel methods for polymerization of  monomers   Indole , Benzimidazole, Aniline,  Pyrrole, Carbazole, Imidazole,  their co-monomers  (and others), using tetravalent metal phosphates- , tetravalent metal  tellurates- ,  metal oxides/ fibrous cerium phosphate-/ crystalline cerium phosphate nanocomposite membranes to obtain conducting organic polymers and conducting co-polymers  nano composite membranes  ,  Novel methods for synthesis novel glassy and layered tetravalent metal tellurates, layered and glassy tetravalent metal (phosphates, phosphate-phosphites).                                                                                                         


National Award, (in Arabic called Noot of Elriada a[ttached Gold] ) year 1989.

2-Award, as outstanding  staff member and researcher ,of  Faculty of     Science,   from Tripoli University;   given for 1st time,   year 2000.

3,4-  Two awards from College of Pharmacy, 2002, & 2005.

5-   Award  from , Tripoli University,     year 2007.

6- Award  from College of Pharmacy , Tripoli University,16 (April) 2014.

7- Award  from National Authority for Scientific Research and Scientific Research   Centre’s 16 (December) 2014.                   

8- Award  from Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science ,Tripoli University  28(December) 2014.

9- Award from Department of Industrial Pharmacy, Tripoli University,  17  May  2015.


Ph.D, 1971, Bristol University,UK..

Master of Science (M.Sc.), 1967, Rochester Institute of Technology(RIT ), New York , USA.

BSc.I962  Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science ,Libyan University, Tripoli ,Libya.

Head Department of Chemistry (1973-1975).

Dean College of Pharmacy(1975-1978) 1st Dean  [ I have initiate the College].

Vice president of the  University     (1978-1979).

Dean College of Pharmacy(1987-1988)     for   2nd   time

Member of Libyan Chemical Society (Head of the  Scientific Committee).


American J.  of  Chemistry   , J. of NanoScience& Nanotechnology (Science Academic Publishing, USA).  J. of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering [David Publ.  USA].

Appointed  as Editor in Chief  of Academic Journal of  Chemistry ,July 2016.