Dr. Papia Haque is a Associate  Professor,Dhaka University,Bangladesh

Dr. Papia Haque

Associate Professor

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Dhaka University


Dr. Papia Haque is an Associate Professor of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of University of Dhaka. She is a passionate researcher in the field of material science, environmental chemistry and textile processing. She has a doctoral degree on polymer composites. She is a Commonwealth scholar. She completed a number of national and international research projects on biopolymers, analytical and environmental chemistry. From her publications, she has an “h” index: 13 and total citations of more than 400. As a research supervisor she guided a good number of Master’s, MPhil and PhD students. She keeps engagement in different social and academic associations.


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BSc(Hons) and Master's in Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Dhaka University, Bangladesh

PhD in Polymer composites, University of Nottingham, Uk


• Bioresorbable polymer composites for bone implants • Coupling agents reaction in the composites • Degradable polymer synthesis and modification • Composites fabrication textile processes • Photovoltaic solar cell • Analytical


 Commonwealth Scholarship in 2007 PhD Program September, 2007 – February, 2011  Travel Prize Grant in 2009 Graduation School, The University of Nottingham, UK  Bachelor Program Scholarship in 2003 University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000


Sakura science project, Kumamoto University Japan Ha-Meem group; Textile and apparel industry, Bangladesh